Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Super Bowl XLIII

Need a place to watch the BIG GAME?
-Mi Casa Es Su Casa-
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Game is Sunday @ 4 PM
See You Then!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A fair is a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord orgasbord

Well... not really this fair but I had to throw that title in for all you Charlotte Web lovers.
We attended the World's Fair last night at Harris Int. (Twins School)
Why take the time to travel the World when you can visit many interesting and exotic places all in one stop.

Let me explain...
Each year those who attend 6th grade get the privilege of putting on a world's fair (somewhat equivalent to the first grade circus if you were raised in G-Ville). The 6th graders start preparing for this in August when school starts and of course work on it all the way up to today (yes, it's a 2-day event) . They pick a Country of their choice and then are grouped with those who chose the same.


They are then given an outline of what needs to be researched and how it should be put together in a binder and are set aside class time each week for them to prepare this report (although they still had a lot of help from Mom at the last minute). The purpose of this research and report is so they can become educated about the Geography, Government , Cultures etc.. of each Country and present them to the public and fellow students in their booth the days of the fair. Booth? you say. Yes, they also put together a booth where they display artifacts, pictures and foods from their Country.

The kids are then encouraged to wear a costume or shirt representing their Country. This is where my printer and a couple of iron on transfer sheets came in handy. I don't sew real well but I can certainly use Microsoft Word and an iron
(well sorta... I had to re-do Tyler's because I melted part of his flag the first time).
After reports are studied and each 6th grade classroom fully adorned... FAIR DAY is here!

I must say... Their booths turned out awesome, they did great with their reports, they looked dashing in their shirts :), the orchestra was soothing (yes they had an orchestra) and we survived the elephant stampede (you should have seen the crowd).

The miles that separated the two did not seem to phase them.
(not when your Country is only a classroom's length away)
for sharing your Country with us!
**Thought I'd throw in a couple pictures from the year Devin participated '07.
I remember I was pretty sick and wasn't able to go, Rich was traveling so my mom came up to help get him ready and take pictures for me. (Thank Heaven for Mom's)

Devin chose France also.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Do You See?

This is the view out of my window tonight.

It made me grateful to have had this throughout my life...

Because I can't see this...

without seeing this..

Thanks Disney!

World's Fair

It's that time again! World's Fair '09.

This year they will be going to...




I wonder if they can be that far apart?
More to Come.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's your Sign of the Times?

I had just opened a Creme Soda when I was asked by Caleb if I would slice him an apple. I sliced the apple and thought to myself how good a Creme Soda sounded. I then went to the fridge got out a Creme Soda, opened it, sip, sip and then sat it down right next to the one I had just opened. Do you think this is related to why I put the dirty Teaspoon in the cupboard and the full box of baking soda in the sink the other day? Are these happenings a sign of my time?

Over the River and through the Woods because We LOVE them So!

Lila and I got to visit Auntie's house last week for her Birthday. Rachel already blogged about this and I hate to do repeats but I wanted to post my pictures. One day we'll live closer to one another but for now I figure it's money for a therapist or spend a little on gas :) and I think a therapist would cost more.

Emma J. and I

Monday, January 26, 2009

Valentine Tree

I frequently joke about how long it has taken me to get my Christmas decoration's down and on the 11th of January I was finally successful! I did want to share a quick idea for those who might still have that tree up.
Carol S. This one's for you and your dilemma! :)
I leave up one of my tree's every year (until I get tired of looking at it) and coordinate it with the upcoming holidays. For Valentines I took my red, white and silver bulbs, tied them with some ribbon from Tai Pan (love that store).

I also purchased (from Tai Pan) some silver and big red plastic hearts.

I added red lights to the tree, some red Christmas garland and black and white ribbon for a little variety. Makes for a festive Valentine's day and fun for the kids ( very inexpensive).

They are going to write something they love about each sibling on a heart and we are going to add that to the tree as well (family night activity) .
The same can also be done for Easter if you can stand to have your tree up that long.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"As Seen On TV"

I've decided to stray a little from my normal blogging routine and post a little something that might hopefully bring a smile to your face as well as stir up some interesting conversation. I expect all who reads to leave a personal testimony because I don't believe for one second you haven't experienced something similar.
Welcome to my topic of...
Those of you who have experienced pregnancy know all to well the late, sleepless nights in front of the television. You also know that much to our dismay the only thing to watch is an infomercial or two. That's of course how it happened. I saw the most amazing hair styling tool, it's name...
The Instyler

It is silver, shiny and has a rotating barrel. The only thing it requires is a gentle swoop down with your hand and the'll have the most gorgeous mane around. Well of course who can't resist an easy way to get gorgeous hair? Not to mention all the celebrities us it. Oh yes and for only three easy payments of this and we will throw in a free some of that, what's not to love. It was apparently calling my name because before I knew it I was on the Internet ordering this magnificent device. Three weeks later I received my magic tool and took it straight up to my bathroom to see the transformation on my hair. What disappointment! It was heavy, noisy and did nothing more magical than my straight iron would do. Needless to say it has made it's way back in the box and to the post office. (Thank heavens for 30-day trials (:) I laugh as I think back to the times the "As seen on TV" products have gotten the best of me. Devices that cook meat in the microwave (yuck) , Sandwich pocket maker (not bad), The magic bullet (Rich was on board with this one, works fine but we don't use it much), Vitamins to enhance your bust size (yea right) and this is the best one... rubber devices that look like actual boobs, stick them in your bra and walla! (ridiculous, those got sent back as well). One day I will learn.
Now that I have divulged my nonsense I would love to know some of yours... even if your a first time visitor.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Rach!

My sister makes my life easier to live,
She is someone I can share my likes and dislikes with,
I tell her my secrets and feelings
And ask she do the same,
Sometimes we are mischievous
And she will take the blame.
She knows those things I dream of,
Places that I've been,
She accepts the person I've become,
She has become my very best friend.

You've been my sister for 27 years,
We talk, we laugh and shed some tears.
At times there may have been name calling,
Some pushing and some pulled hair
But through these little trials
We turned out quite a pair.
Time and distance may separate us,
But no matter where we roam,
whenever I am with you,
it's just like being home.
Happy Birthday Rach!
I love You
(and I know you love me too) :)

Thanks for being a Great Sis!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Her Story

Every person has a story, mine began on 9/12 @ 9:12 . Maybe one reason why I love the fall, maybe one reason that I will never forget my time of birth. The story of our little lady started before the 22nd of last month and more around the first part of Spring. She is our unexpected blessing. I had been having some health problems that started a little after the time I delivered Caleb. (he is almost 8) I had been to my Obstetrician at least twice a year in hopes to find out what exactly needed to be done to feel normal again. I honestly had no thoughts or maternal instincts that I might have another baby and felt blessed and content with my four boys. I knew that I would be fine if the answer meant a procedure that would prevent me from having more children. Last February I had yet another appointment and this time had some answers. I was scheduled to have surgery in April that would allow me to keep my uterus but would also be a health risk to me and a baby if they didn't take the precaution of making sure I couldn't get pregnant. When it was finally said out loud I was a little sad, continued to be prayerful but also knew that it needed to be done. About a week before my pre-op appointment I felt it necessary to get a pregnancy test (just to be sure). After a lot of tears, stress and excitement I had a realization that what I think and what our Heavenly Father has in mind are sometimes completely different (I pretty much knew this anyway). Skipping almost 9 months ahead I went into Labor early morning on the 22nd of December. This was a new experience for me due to the fact I have been induced every pregnancy. Rich and I arrived at the hospital after a tense drive (due to a snow storm) at 1 am. After some hard which seemed like forever contractions I finally received an epidural a few hours later which felt a whole lot better but also triggered some vomiting. Sometimes you just have to take the good along with the bad. She was bound and determined to arrive and as soon as my water broke she came right along with it. Lucky for me I didn't have to give an ounce of effort (zero pushes) and lucky for me there were some nurses in the room even if one didn't have time to get her gear on.
At approx 7:03 I got to meet my 6 lb 4 oz, 18 inch unexpected blessing with her head of dark hair and her dad's nose. That afternoon we finally decided she was our little Lila Rachel, maybe a little old fashioned but I loved it and I loved being able to name her after someone that I love and adore. We couldn't imagine life without our Lila. Maybe she will love the winter, maybe she will never remember her time of birth but our unexpected blessing now has her own story.
We love you.

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