Monday, April 4, 2011

Last the "Best" of All the Game

Boy, it sure feels good to have completed this self inflicted project, and yes, I've saved the "Best" for Last.

Saturday 4/2/2011

"Best Chocolate Chip Cookie" 

Yes, that really is the name of the recipe.
I've always loved Chocolate Chip cookies, but have never been satisfied with how any of the recipes that I've tried turned out. 
One day I was introduced to this particular recipe and I've been in love since. I always add walnuts to mine, but then again I've always been one of those "sometimes you feel like a nut" type of gals. 
  Did I mention, I LOVE this COOKIE!
Oh, and this little Cookie below as well...
I just had to share- Without fail, as soon as she'd hear the Kitchen Aid roaring each day, 
Lila would be right there with her little spoon saying "Mama, some". 

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