Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quick and Easy (and don't say "like your Momma")

I had to think of something easy for tonight, due to the fact that I needed to spend most of the evening preparing for a work presentation. I also had to factor in something that might please my "tasters" who have been requesting something with peanut butter, so I decided I'd go with this little mouthful of JOY.

Wednesday 3/30
The "Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Cup" Cookie 
My Sister In Law Natalie introduced me to this little cookie and I loved it at "first bite".
One great thing about tonight... I don't have to admit any mistakes! :)
 The best dough to use- Pillsbury cookie dough. (you know... the pre-made dough in the tube)
 Just slap the dough in a mini muffin pan, bake, stick those yummy peanut butter cups in after you take your pan out of the oven and....
I know I probably could have given tonight's recipe a little more effort, but then again, somethings gotta give.

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