Monday, January 26, 2009

Valentine Tree

I frequently joke about how long it has taken me to get my Christmas decoration's down and on the 11th of January I was finally successful! I did want to share a quick idea for those who might still have that tree up.
Carol S. This one's for you and your dilemma! :)
I leave up one of my tree's every year (until I get tired of looking at it) and coordinate it with the upcoming holidays. For Valentines I took my red, white and silver bulbs, tied them with some ribbon from Tai Pan (love that store).

I also purchased (from Tai Pan) some silver and big red plastic hearts.

I added red lights to the tree, some red Christmas garland and black and white ribbon for a little variety. Makes for a festive Valentine's day and fun for the kids ( very inexpensive).

They are going to write something they love about each sibling on a heart and we are going to add that to the tree as well (family night activity) .
The same can also be done for Easter if you can stand to have your tree up that long.

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