Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Addition

There will be a new addition
to the Mouritsen Family.

Stay Tuned...

-A picture IS worth a thousand words-

When I view the blog sites of friends and family my favorite thing to see is the pictures that are posted. Yes, I read through some of what is written but whoever said "a picture is worth a thousand words" could not be more correct. Here are a few more pics from our spring/summer vacations. Going back to our California trip... (May)
First Day was spent at Newport Beach, I think everyone had a ball minus my Dad and Rich due to the fact that there were no parking spots available and they drove around for a couple of hours until the rest of the family was finished with their beach fun. I had fun taking pictures of the kids burying themselves in the sand. (Thanks uncle Cam)

Second day we headed to San Diego where we spent the day at Sea World.

Third, Fourth and Fifth days were spent at Disneyland. My little brother Collin wanted to hang out with the cool people I guess. (He was fun to have along)

Thanks Mom and Dad for this memorable gift. We had a Blast!
New York...

This was I guess you could say a girls' week out. It was truly needed for my sake. Mom, Rachel, Aunt Lisa, Cousin Shaylee and I headed for New York in June. I must say it was one of the funnest and funniest trips yet. We did a lot of sightseeing, got to see "Wicked" for the 2nd time (love that one), Statue of Liberty cruise, shopping and of course good old-fashioned bonding. I really had a lot of fun with these gals.

Some memorable moments for me were bargaining with the street vendors, eating fancy food (not sure what I was ordering off the menu most nights), the Broadway play, taking pictures at the supposed "Friends" fountain (really in California where the T.V. series was actually filmed),

dancing with Shaylee on the cruise, love notes from Dad that were hidden in Mom's suitcase, blisters on my feet, listening to Aunt Lisa talk with City folk, Mom asking for directions, sharing my sleeping quarters and discomforts of pregnancy with Rachel. Again, a lot of fun. Definitely a repeat.

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