Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Caleb!

We can't believe how fast you are growing.
Some of the things we love about you....
You are Smart!
You make life enjoyable by believing in the simple things.
You are a good brother, cousin and friend.
Your requests for a thorough ear cleaning when you need something you can't find because Mom has special powers and can usually pull out what is lost.
(and don't believe anyone whom tells you other wise)
You are entertaining .
(you are consistent at getting smiles from your baby sister)
You still give us hugs and kisses.
You are talented.
(no piano lessons but can still sit down and figure out how to play a tune)
You are such a blessing to us Caleb.
We are proud of and love you Very Much
Happy Birthday Bud!
Love... Mom, Dad
Devin, Tyler, Brayden and Lila

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