Wednesday, July 31, 2013


On December 22nd, our Little Lady, Sister, Sis, Sissy, Princess, Missy, Little Miss, Baby Girl, Sweetie, Sweet Pea, Lila Rae and Lila Lou (just to name a few) turned THREE!
She totally got to dictate what would happen on her special day...
 A McDonald's picnic in the basement.
She received many little items to help stock her kitchen, 
but her favorite was her little DVD player. 
This has also helped during many long car rides. :)
 So far she doesn't seem to mind that her birthday falls right in the
 middle of all the hustle and bustle of the holiday. 
Cake at Grandma M.'s
 Cake at Grandma J.'s
 She also doesn't seem to mind that she's not
 the only little person unwrapping presents.
(she does get Birthday wrapping though, so she's 
definitely given the edge) :) 
 Special treats and Love notes.
 ...and another round of Happy Birthday singing just because.
As you can see, we LOVE our Lila Rachel and have been 
blessed by her sweet little spirit in so many ways. This is 
such a sweet memory for me. She adores her brothers. 
(she's also pretty good at bossing them as well) 
 Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Girl!

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