Friday, February 13, 2009


I find it interesting, a bit humorous and most times irritating that whenever asked a question, the boys most common response is...
"not me".

So boys... You've inspired me and I dedicate these lines to you.

We have a new guest at our house
he/she's quiet as a mouse.
Someone I have yet to see,
and we call him/her NOTME.

Since the day that NOTME came
he/she always gets the blame,
for the toys upon the floor
and that dirt smudge on the door.

Hanging clothes makes NOTME cringe
and so clean clothes fill my bin,
now 10 loads I have to wash
NOTME does not care the co$t.

NOTME likes to run the faucet
he/she leaves open all our closets,
that smudge of toothpaste on the sink?
it's all NOTME'S fault we think.

NOTME'S favorite thing to do
is to take and hide our shoes,
leave his/her soda cans around
and the bath towels on the ground.

NOTME hates that our one wish
is to wash up his/her dish,
feed the pets and dust the shelf
the bed won't straighten up itself.

So to NOTME let me say
leave this place, be on your way.
Come on out from where you hide
pack your suitcase, I will drive.

**Maybe one day I will write a book about NOTME :)
(maybe Cam will do my illustrations)

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