Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Because Everbody Needs a Gopher... Mine just so happens to be my "Pumpkin"

Another first attempt at baking this recipe, and certainly not my first choice to eat.  Thanks to my sissy Rachel I was able to find and jot down a recipe, she also let me call her repeatedly with stupid questions. She is very patient. :)  

Tuesday 3/27
The "Pumpkin Chocolate Chip" Cookie

I am proud to announce that I only had to make one batch of dough. No "forgetting" or "doubling" the ingredients. 

I am not proud to announce that when I did go to mix the ingredients together, I found myself out of FLOUR (a pretty big part of the mix), Unsalted Butter (come on now, who uses this), and noticed that my can of pumpkin was EXPIRED as of April 2004 (hmmm, almost as old as my youngest son).

This is the part in the story when I put my "woe is me" acting skills to use, 
and call upon my personal gopher for assistance.
 Me: Oh great! I am missing like three ingredients for my cookies.
Richard: Do I need to make a run for the store?
Me: (BIG exasperated sigh) No, it's okay, I'll just go. 
Richard: (no comment)
Me thinking: Why isn't he commenting? Can't he tell that I really don't want to go. 
This trick works for my mom.
Me: I'll wash the pan in the sink if you'll go to the store. (it was my night to wash anyway, genius right?)
Richard: I'll wash the pan, and then I'll run to the store. 
-This is why he is my "Pumpkin"-
**Side Note: I did wash the pan. Now take back those thoughts about how mean and needy I am. :)
Needless to say... This is probably my least favorite so far, mainly because I've never been a  big fan.
I was thinking that I've seen a much fluffier looking pumpkin chocolate chip cookie and wondered what I could have done differently to make mine look a little fluffier. 
Is fluffier even a word? Anyway, suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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