Friday, July 25, 2008

Apologies to R.J. Mouritsen

After I setup this blog, I realized that it is very possible that a person named R.J. Mouritsen is actually out there and that one day he (or she) will go to create a blog and find that someone has already stolen his (or her) perfect url. So let me apologize in advance. I'm sorry Robert James Mouritsen or Rachel Jennifer Mouritsen or Randall Jerome Mouritsen or Renee Joslyn Mouritsen or anyone else whose first and middle initials are "RJ" and whose last name is Mouritsen.

Hello Blogosphere!

The Mouritsen's

We have now officially entered the blogging world. I was so frustrated trying to figure this whole system out that I almost threw in the towel, but with some venting to my husband and a quick phone call to my sis here we are! Just to quickly recap the last five months...

March... Tyler and Brayden turn 11.

April... Caleb turns 7...

News that we are expecting!

May... Devin turns 13

and starts his competitive baseball season, Rich and I celebrate our 8th anniversary,

Rich's last eighteen months of being gone each Mon-Thurs for work comes to an end (Hallelujah!), and a trip to Disneyland.

June... Tyler, Brayden, and Caleb start their baseball season, Devin's 2 month baseball season comes to an end and I enjoy a trip to New York City.

July... Collin's 19th Birthday celebration
along with Independence Day,
Relay for Life (cancer walk),
3 younger boys baseball season comes to an end and I interviewed and was offered the Training Coordinator position at work (which I'm very excited about). Time flies when you're having fun!

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