Tuesday, July 30, 2013

December 2011

To me, December represents tradition.
The tradition of decorating and listening to Christmas music. Sometimes this part just wears me right out, but I just can't imagine not doing it. I hope that this will be a fun memory for my kids and eventually grandchildren. 
 The tradition of a weekend getaway with just my little family. 
This consists of...
 Christmas Movie. 
This year we saw "Arthur's Christmas".
 (the tradition of having to take our picture in front of up and coming movie advertisements).
 ...and breakfast with Santa. This takes place in the Little America Ball Room. Someone was a little afraid of Santa. She opted to photo with her new friend "gingy" this year. (and no, I'm not talking about myself. I said new friend, not best friend. Hardy har har.)
 The tradition of sending and receiving Holiday Greetings. 
(I love this part)
 The tradition of hanging out in our PJ's.

 The Tradition of Family
(cousins are the best)
The Tradition of Christmas Eve...
 leading into the tradition of Christmas morning.
The tradition of traveling to enjoy Christmas dinner.
I love the atmosphere, excitement and peace that the Christmas season brings. 
Sure it can be chaotic, but sometimes even that can be exciting. :) 

Coming Soon... "THREE"

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