Friday, August 9, 2013

Going to the Chapel

...and the busyness of April ensues. 

Brent and Hannah's Wedding Day!
We love Hannah and I particularly love that I am no longer the only red-head
 in the Mouritsen family. 
The Boys (mainly Dev) entertained Lila while we were in the ceremony.
 I also left my camera with him. 

He did a pretty good job capturing some cute moments with his little sister. 
I've said it before and I'll say it again, she is lucky to have some great big brothers! 
It was a pretty chilly day. 
Lila and I both weren't feeling our best. I had a hunch that I had strep and Lila had a sinus infection. We did visit the Dr. a day or two after and it was exactly the other way around. She had strep, I had a sinus infection.  
Brent likes to "tease" because I do look a little unpleasant in some of their wedding photos. 
Maybe now he'll understand why and even actually feel sorry that I wasn't well on his special day. :)

The reception.
 (wrist-lets that the little girls wore)
My Handsome Boys.
 Lila was being pretty much done by this point and wouldn't hold still long enough for a decent photo. 
Some think this photo was "staged". I can assure you... it was not. 
She really acts like her Dad sometimes. Stinker.
 (at least I can look back on this and laugh a little)

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