Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coming Soon.....

-Check out my new Home-
No, this isn't an actual picture of my Wal-Mart but most of them look the same right?
It's been such a busy work month for Rich and I both (I ended up somewhere around hour 43 when clocking out last night) and I'm afraid my success rate as a wife and mother is holding on by a thread. The proof is definitely in the pudding when you look at my sorry excuse for a blog these days. Please check back soon to hear about our little angel's blessing day, our Thursday's Hero and last but not least my own personal Hero.
Love you Guys.
(yes you, my blog followers)
Just let me add.... Yes, I am grateful for my job (especially with the harsh economy we face) while many companies are cutting back and eliminating positions I have recently put 89 new associates through orientation since March 21st.

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