Wednesday, July 31, 2013


On December 22nd, our Little Lady, Sister, Sis, Sissy, Princess, Missy, Little Miss, Baby Girl, Sweetie, Sweet Pea, Lila Rae and Lila Lou (just to name a few) turned THREE!
She totally got to dictate what would happen on her special day...
 A McDonald's picnic in the basement.
She received many little items to help stock her kitchen, 
but her favorite was her little DVD player. 
This has also helped during many long car rides. :)
 So far she doesn't seem to mind that her birthday falls right in the
 middle of all the hustle and bustle of the holiday. 
Cake at Grandma M.'s
 Cake at Grandma J.'s
 She also doesn't seem to mind that she's not
 the only little person unwrapping presents.
(she does get Birthday wrapping though, so she's 
definitely given the edge) :) 
 Special treats and Love notes.
 ...and another round of Happy Birthday singing just because.
As you can see, we LOVE our Lila Rachel and have been 
blessed by her sweet little spirit in so many ways. This is 
such a sweet memory for me. She adores her brothers. 
(she's also pretty good at bossing them as well) 
 Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Girl!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

December 2011

To me, December represents tradition.
The tradition of decorating and listening to Christmas music. Sometimes this part just wears me right out, but I just can't imagine not doing it. I hope that this will be a fun memory for my kids and eventually grandchildren. 
 The tradition of a weekend getaway with just my little family. 
This consists of...
 Christmas Movie. 
This year we saw "Arthur's Christmas".
 (the tradition of having to take our picture in front of up and coming movie advertisements).
 ...and breakfast with Santa. This takes place in the Little America Ball Room. Someone was a little afraid of Santa. She opted to photo with her new friend "gingy" this year. (and no, I'm not talking about myself. I said new friend, not best friend. Hardy har har.)
 The tradition of sending and receiving Holiday Greetings. 
(I love this part)
 The tradition of hanging out in our PJ's.

 The Tradition of Family
(cousins are the best)
The Tradition of Christmas Eve...
 leading into the tradition of Christmas morning.
The tradition of traveling to enjoy Christmas dinner.
I love the atmosphere, excitement and peace that the Christmas season brings. 
Sure it can be chaotic, but sometimes even that can be exciting. :) 

Coming Soon... "THREE"

Sunday, July 28, 2013


How to just pick up where one left off? Almost 2 years and not a single update. I never ever, never ever, never ever (did I mention NEVER EVER) thought that I'd let Facebook get the best of me. Dare I admit that it has? Is the ease and convenience just too hard to resist? Well... Obviously the proof not only speaks, but shouts out my guilt. 
Let's "Ketchup"... (and can I just add thank HEAVENS for photo archiving, the one thing I seemed to have done right)

The rest of our September 2011 included...

 Cooler weather which allowed for a little more time in the sun.
(She reminds me of a little grandma in this photo)
Enjoying the many September birthdays. (including my own) In the photo below we were just getting ready to enjoy a production of Mary Poppins. A girls night that Rach and I had planned to celebrate Mom's big 60th. (yes, I know she looks like our sister)
Finally getting to see my BEAUTY-FULL niece Breanne cheer. 
 ...and of course more celebrating.

October 2011
School activities... This one in particular was a McKinley Elementary fundraising event. We got to sit at Bear River high, eat food and watch Caleb run 2 miles. A complete win for us. I can't necessarily speak for Caleb. (although I think he might have enjoyed it a little)

Lila of in front of the BR cement pad.
Halloween!! (one of my favorite holidays!)
I love to decorate for the season and usually do so in early September so that I can enjoy it for as long as possible.
Lila loves it as well. She tells me where she wants her decorations and I just help her get them out. Pretty soon she'll just want to do it all by herself so I will enjoy it while I can.
This year she decided on Cinderella.
She is our princess, so it seemed very fitting.
Our annual Jefferies Halloween party.

This is a lot of hard work on Grandma's end, but something she does every year. The kids (and adults) have many fun memories and for that I am thankful. 
As you can see in the picture below, this is about as good as it gets when trying to take pictures of the men in my life. This is why you rarely see them and maybe why you think Lila is my only child. :)
On many occasion I get in trouble for the information I do give, so these pictures are a little risky... I hope both my men and nieces and nephews will forgive me.
Celebrating our only October Birthday. Ms. Emma J.
Who needs to go door to door... I would say we get pretty loaded from just this one event!
Em, Maddie, Syd and Abbie. Such good sports and will continue to dress up. I love it!
Tyler and Brayden dressed up as a couple of teenagers. ;)
(Um, I think grammie just stole Hallie's craft. That's so like her.)
Caleb, Little David and Tanner
(I think this might be C-Man's last year dressing up. *Sigh)
Hallie J.
Jack Sparrow, oops I mean Ethan, Carter and Emma.
...and a little trick or treating with some friends.
Lila loves Macie and Emery and we are lucky to have them close by.

November 2011
Sadly, my November archive has very little photos. I usually like to take the the typical Thanksgiving /Birthday photos, but this year was at work. (woe is me)
This month I also attempted to do a family photo but it was uncomfortably cold and the kids were miserable... 
This was as good as it gets. (I do appreciate the kids being such good sports and for at least trying.)
 My Mr. celebrated his 35th birthday this month. For him I am most thankful! He has kept me in check in every possible way. I just love him. :)
 My "mini" Turkey dinner.

 I can't figure out why I just didn't take pictures of the finished product. Sometimes I'm a weirdo. (two-cents are not welcome after that last remark)

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