Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey, That's My Church Pew!

I find it interesting that when you walk into the Chapel on Sunday you find yourself entering in through the same door (whether it be on the left or right side of the Chapel), stroll down the same aisle and oddly enough sit in the same Church pew. What's not funny... How you feel when you accidentally walk in a little late or... extra family and friends of a ward member attend due to a blessing or farewell and you find yourself unhappily wandering back to the overflow and the "hard chair" section. What is funny... How you glare at the folks who are in your soft bench for the remainder of the meeting, after all that is your "assigned seat" (as if the Bishop made a chart) and just about every other Ward member is in their rightful spot. You also try to muster up the courage to roll up your program point it in their direction while screaming

but decide not to because Hey, We're all Christians.
** I guess it's time to start sneaking out of Sunday School 30 minutes before just to place your Scriptures (seat savers) on "your pew" and then quietly sneak back into Sunday School hoping the ward members don't know your devious scheme (sad thing is... people really do that, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)

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