Thursday, July 9, 2009

6 Months

On June 22nd our Little Lila turned 6 months.

After her visit to the pediatrician today her stats are the following...

Weight 16 lbs 11.5 oz - 70%
Height 25 3/4 inches - 50%

Lila loves to...

Sit on her Bum

Stick out her Tongue

is Easily Entertained by her Brothers

is also Easily Confused by them as well.

She finds most things Intriguing

and Doesn't Like it so much when Mom puts her Hair in a Pony.

She is very Good Natured and we feel Blessed to have Her!

Friday, July 3, 2009

May Already - June is Over

The title says it all! Just as I was preparing for May, June is over. The months are slipping and I have been terrible at updates.
Going back to May 2nd when our little Caleb who is not so little anymore
became a member of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints

We are so proud of you Caleb

Thanks for the new set of scriptures Grandma and Grandpa J.

May 10th.... Our 9th Anniversary
Love him more everyday!

Mother's Day...

The men and little woman in my life
spoiled me with breakfast in bed and a long awaited b-bque.

May 16- Little Bro went through the Jordan River Temple.
Love you Lots Collin.

May 22nd - Devin's Birthday.
This I did blog about (I guess I can give myself some credit for that one)
Here are a few more pictures of his day.

This picture of Aunt Sandy and Devin cracks me up.
It shows pure excitement as they lock elbows while listening to the Jefferies
rendition of Happy Birthday.

Devin was also ordained a teacher and we are very proud of him.

June sneaks in and school is finally out, summer activities begin and I must say the days ahead show no signs of slowing.
Baseball games (Caleb)
Football Practice (Devin)
Lots of visits to G-ville
-you name it!

June 11th-13th
We had a great time Welcoming Uncle Brent back from his mission in England

along with a mini get away to Park City to celebrate his arrival and Grandma Mouritsen's Birthday.

June 21st- Father's Day
So Grateful for the men in my life.

I love you Both!

June 25th... Lila's first swim in the big pool!

I could not get her to look at me for any pictures while she was in the pool
but she seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

Fun, Fun, Fun...with a few minor hangups.

Lila's multiple trips to the Dr. to get rid of an ear infection.

and my trip to the emergency room due to a kidney stone.
(no photos available) sorry to disappoint :)

Catch you up on July's events soon.
Love you All

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