Thursday, January 22, 2009

"As Seen On TV"

I've decided to stray a little from my normal blogging routine and post a little something that might hopefully bring a smile to your face as well as stir up some interesting conversation. I expect all who reads to leave a personal testimony because I don't believe for one second you haven't experienced something similar.
Welcome to my topic of...
Those of you who have experienced pregnancy know all to well the late, sleepless nights in front of the television. You also know that much to our dismay the only thing to watch is an infomercial or two. That's of course how it happened. I saw the most amazing hair styling tool, it's name...
The Instyler

It is silver, shiny and has a rotating barrel. The only thing it requires is a gentle swoop down with your hand and the'll have the most gorgeous mane around. Well of course who can't resist an easy way to get gorgeous hair? Not to mention all the celebrities us it. Oh yes and for only three easy payments of this and we will throw in a free some of that, what's not to love. It was apparently calling my name because before I knew it I was on the Internet ordering this magnificent device. Three weeks later I received my magic tool and took it straight up to my bathroom to see the transformation on my hair. What disappointment! It was heavy, noisy and did nothing more magical than my straight iron would do. Needless to say it has made it's way back in the box and to the post office. (Thank heavens for 30-day trials (:) I laugh as I think back to the times the "As seen on TV" products have gotten the best of me. Devices that cook meat in the microwave (yuck) , Sandwich pocket maker (not bad), The magic bullet (Rich was on board with this one, works fine but we don't use it much), Vitamins to enhance your bust size (yea right) and this is the best one... rubber devices that look like actual boobs, stick them in your bra and walla! (ridiculous, those got sent back as well). One day I will learn.
Now that I have divulged my nonsense I would love to know some of yours... even if your a first time visitor.

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