Saturday, August 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

 April 2012
Spring is here and so is the warmth!
This Easter weekend that big adorably soft Bunny Rabbit brought us a Saturday Surprise.

Saturday we also traveled down to the City of Salt to spend the evening.
The following morning, those of us that could, caught a performance of Music and the Spoken Word.
This would be Grandma's last Easter singing. 
On Facebook I posted a really handsome picture of Caleb in front of the Temple and it is no where to be found. :(  The morning was absolutely perfect.

Lila in the hotel room.
After the spoken word we took the kids to Easter Brunch.
This is similar to the Breakfast with Santa and is also held in the Little America Ball Room. 
 Patiently waiting for me out in front of the ladies room.
She can be such a DIVA at times.
(this picture was hilarious to me)

Easter afternoon we traveled to Grantsville to spend some time with family.

Lila and Emma.
(These girls have some really cute moments together) 

Throwing rocks in Grandma and Grandpa J.'s pond.

Preparing for the Easter Egg Hunt with Grandma Mouritsen and Aunt Rach.

This picture perfectly depicts what it is like trying to get the kids together for a quick photo.
(I also use the word "quick" rather loosely)
Thanks to Sadie for being the only one to fully cooperate. :)
Emma, me, Rach and Lila.

Beautiful Easter Sunday.

Spring Fever

March is around the time I feel like I've just about had it with old man Winter.
This month the Jr. Jazz season that so busily occupied each weekend finally came to end.

Lila and Grandpa at Caleb's last game of the season.
Caleb's little team made it to the championship and took 2nd. 
Richard has coached the boys Jr. Jazz teams from the time Devin (now 18) was able to sign up.
 I've always admired his involvement with our children. 
(one of the many things I love about him)

My need for warmer weather and a bit of change brought about a little room reconstruction.
My family is always so patient with me and never say a word when I 
feel the need to start a new project. I think they've
realized that it can be therapeutic for the wife and mommy of the house.
Win for me. Win for them. :) 
Can you tell I am ready for Spring?

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