Thursday, November 19, 2009

New York, New York

This past July we were able to take the boys to the Big Apple.
I got to experience my first trip a few years ago and since then have been
excited to take the boys to see the sights.
Day One...
Arrived in the evening. Weather was pretty foggy and a little rainy so we were unable to visit the Empire State Building like we had planned.

Option 2: Hang out at the Hard Rock Cafe for the rest of the evening.

Day Two....
The Subway Experience (and I don't mean the sandwich shop)

Lady Liberty

Ellis Island

Battery Park

Little Man Caleb being very Brave!

"Wicked" (their first Broadway musical)

Making Out With... Oh, I mean
meeting Sponge Bob

and finally getting to the top of the
Empire State Building
(I'm not going to lie and say the thought of the
Elevator crashing to the ground didn't cross my mind)

The Empire workers were very funny
with the boys.

A Limo ride back

and a little room service to call it a night!

Yes, Day #2 was a busy one.
*Days Three and Four to Come.....

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