Monday, March 28, 2011

Curse you Cream of Tartar, Curse YOU

I know I've already posted once today, but I thought I'd better get my 2nd cookie up before I begin another busy work week.  

Monday 3/28
The "Snicker-doodle" Cookie

I've had this cookie a time or two, but have never baked the recipe. I was quite pleased with the final turnout, and I only swore a couple of times.
Remember how I don't make mistakes... (or at least take pictures of them)
I just happened to forget the eggs and the Cream of Tartar in the mix the first go around. 
(cue the swearing)
So I dumped the first mix down the garbage disposal and started again.
The second time around, I mixed 2 TBSP instead of 2 TSP of cinnamon with my sugar. 
(cue some more swearing)
Luckily this was an easy fix and luckily I caught it before rolling the balls of dough in it. 
I can only imagine how that would have tasted... Gross!
This cookie has never been one of my favorites, but as I mentioned above. I was quite pleased. 

I've never had a "Snicker-doodle" right out of the oven until tonight.
Oh Mercy, it was WONDERFUL.

"Cookie Madness" and The "Lorraine"

     As of yesterday :) I decided to designate this week as "Cookie Madness", not only in honor of "March Madness" and my love of the time this consumes :) (in all seriousness,  I really don't mind watching the "good" games, and basketball "is" actually my favorite sport to watch on the tele), but to also broaden my horizons with some different cookie recipes.
I tend to stick with making the "family favorites",  so I thought this would be interesting (interesting for me anyway) and who knows? maybe we will be able to add some new favorites when all is said and done.  
(I think I'll still take one or two of the days and make our favorites, just as long as I stick to my goal of a different one for each day)

Okay, so this really doesn't have anything to do with "March Madness", but I thought the title would be fitting just for the mere fact that I really don't have a whole lot of time to spend on baking this week. ( I sometimes wonder why I continue to add unimportant things to my agenda) :)

Sunday 3/27
The "Lorraine" Cookie
I grew up enjoying this cookie thanks to my Grandma Soeldberg, but have not once made it myself. In fact, after many years of telling myself I needed to get the recipe, I finally found it in a family cookbook in my very own cupboard (just yesterday afternoon). :) Go Figure.
  I always wait until the first batch is done (with any recipe) to gauge time, turnout, etc... 
It's a good thing too.... I forgot to put the walnuts in the first batch. 
**Fortunately for those viewing this, I do not take photos of my mistakes. I wouldn't want your perception of me to reflect such non-sense. Hee Hee (I don't like using the phrase "LOL")
and last... The DELIGHTFUL frosting...
There are only 2 left, so I'm hoping that's a good sign. Then again, maybe I better go check the outside trash.

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