Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Her Story

Every person has a story, mine began on 9/12 @ 9:12 . Maybe one reason why I love the fall, maybe one reason that I will never forget my time of birth. The story of our little lady started before the 22nd of last month and more around the first part of Spring. She is our unexpected blessing. I had been having some health problems that started a little after the time I delivered Caleb. (he is almost 8) I had been to my Obstetrician at least twice a year in hopes to find out what exactly needed to be done to feel normal again. I honestly had no thoughts or maternal instincts that I might have another baby and felt blessed and content with my four boys. I knew that I would be fine if the answer meant a procedure that would prevent me from having more children. Last February I had yet another appointment and this time had some answers. I was scheduled to have surgery in April that would allow me to keep my uterus but would also be a health risk to me and a baby if they didn't take the precaution of making sure I couldn't get pregnant. When it was finally said out loud I was a little sad, continued to be prayerful but also knew that it needed to be done. About a week before my pre-op appointment I felt it necessary to get a pregnancy test (just to be sure). After a lot of tears, stress and excitement I had a realization that what I think and what our Heavenly Father has in mind are sometimes completely different (I pretty much knew this anyway). Skipping almost 9 months ahead I went into Labor early morning on the 22nd of December. This was a new experience for me due to the fact I have been induced every pregnancy. Rich and I arrived at the hospital after a tense drive (due to a snow storm) at 1 am. After some hard which seemed like forever contractions I finally received an epidural a few hours later which felt a whole lot better but also triggered some vomiting. Sometimes you just have to take the good along with the bad. She was bound and determined to arrive and as soon as my water broke she came right along with it. Lucky for me I didn't have to give an ounce of effort (zero pushes) and lucky for me there were some nurses in the room even if one didn't have time to get her gear on.
At approx 7:03 I got to meet my 6 lb 4 oz, 18 inch unexpected blessing with her head of dark hair and her dad's nose. That afternoon we finally decided she was our little Lila Rachel, maybe a little old fashioned but I loved it and I loved being able to name her after someone that I love and adore. We couldn't imagine life without our Lila. Maybe she will love the winter, maybe she will never remember her time of birth but our unexpected blessing now has her own story.
We love you.

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