Saturday, August 10, 2013

August the 10th Twenty Thirteen

Playing "Ketchup" is harder than I thought. I can't believe how quickly time goes. Makes me sad. 


This particular Saturday has been just odd. So glad the day is coming to an end. 
It's been some time since I've had easy accessibility to a few of those that I am close with.
Sometimes I really miss it. 

Our Singing Missionary

April 22nd 2012

Mom's Mo-Tab Retirement
What a blessing and experience this has been for her during these past 14 years. 
What a blessing and experience for her family.
I can hardly imagine how she must feel. I was an emotional mess during the entire broadcast.
(I don't think the "cry" room is only restricted to small children)  
Thankfully Rach and I showed up in the exact same pair of shoes. 
This wasn't planned. In fact, neither of us knew the other even 
owned a pair. This helped lighten the mood a little. :)
 Thank you Mom for sharing your musical talents with the entire world. :)



Jr. Prom - April 21, 2012

In the not so little anymore town of Grantsville, Jr. Prom is a pretty big deal.
 I still remember many details about my Jr. Prom. 
My Dress. My Date. My Dinner. My Promenade. 
It's always fun to experience "firsts" with your children and this just
so happened to be my "first" Jr. Prom as a mother. 
 I love this handsome kid. 
 I love that traditions still linger.


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