Friday, February 27, 2009

A Good Day

Warm, Sunny Day

Caleb received a Cougar Scholar
award at school.

Spelling, Writing and Reading
Congratulations Bud!

Got frames for 50% off at Michaels

Now I don't feel so guilty for all the
pictures of the kids I want to order.

A Good Day.

Mormon Idol

While posting "Idol Craze" 4 things came to mind...
  1. 4 Judges
  2. Try Outs
  3. U.S. Continent (maybe even Canada Carol)
  4. Tabernacle Choir
First you take...

One Great Host


Then you add 3 Great Judges



and Simon

(we can't take him out of the line-up)

Put them all in one big pot and simmer up a little...

"Mormon Idol"

Oh, I mean..
"Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Idol"

Hey, I'm just trying to put a spin on the whole process.
(I claim dibs on "created by")

Idol Craze

-Katrina Darrell-
Was so Happy she never made the Top 36!

When eliminated, Playboy came calling...
Her response:
"My dad would kill me"
Well Katrina, my dad would kill me if
I auditioned for American Idol in a Bikini.
(oh Katrina, your so classy)

Tatiana Del Toro
(ha heee haa heee ha ha hee hee)

Not thrilled with the fact she made top 36,
thrilled she was eliminated last week.
(won't be surprised if she makes the wild card round
but lets cross our fingers she won't)

Nick Mitchell / Norman Gentle

Should not have made top 36 but...
How can you not Love him?
He is actually one I am sad to see leave.
(interesting to see if they bring him back in the wild card)

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