Thursday, January 29, 2009

A fair is a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord orgasbord

Well... not really this fair but I had to throw that title in for all you Charlotte Web lovers.
We attended the World's Fair last night at Harris Int. (Twins School)
Why take the time to travel the World when you can visit many interesting and exotic places all in one stop.

Let me explain...
Each year those who attend 6th grade get the privilege of putting on a world's fair (somewhat equivalent to the first grade circus if you were raised in G-Ville). The 6th graders start preparing for this in August when school starts and of course work on it all the way up to today (yes, it's a 2-day event) . They pick a Country of their choice and then are grouped with those who chose the same.


They are then given an outline of what needs to be researched and how it should be put together in a binder and are set aside class time each week for them to prepare this report (although they still had a lot of help from Mom at the last minute). The purpose of this research and report is so they can become educated about the Geography, Government , Cultures etc.. of each Country and present them to the public and fellow students in their booth the days of the fair. Booth? you say. Yes, they also put together a booth where they display artifacts, pictures and foods from their Country.

The kids are then encouraged to wear a costume or shirt representing their Country. This is where my printer and a couple of iron on transfer sheets came in handy. I don't sew real well but I can certainly use Microsoft Word and an iron
(well sorta... I had to re-do Tyler's because I melted part of his flag the first time).
After reports are studied and each 6th grade classroom fully adorned... FAIR DAY is here!

I must say... Their booths turned out awesome, they did great with their reports, they looked dashing in their shirts :), the orchestra was soothing (yes they had an orchestra) and we survived the elephant stampede (you should have seen the crowd).

The miles that separated the two did not seem to phase them.
(not when your Country is only a classroom's length away)
for sharing your Country with us!
**Thought I'd throw in a couple pictures from the year Devin participated '07.
I remember I was pretty sick and wasn't able to go, Rich was traveling so my mom came up to help get him ready and take pictures for me. (Thank Heaven for Mom's)

Devin chose France also.

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