Saturday, April 2, 2011

"I'd like to Thank the Academy"

Honestly, I don't really have anything profound to say. So I'll just get right to it...

Friday 4/1/2011

The "OREO" Cookie

This is a recipe I'm familiar with, but haven't baked in quite some time. We are talking years here people. 

It is a recipe I got from my Grandma Jefferies... I was looking through my books and I have quite a few of Grandma J.'s recipes. She was a great cook and because she doesn't bake much anymore, I've decided I must learn through trial and error how to re-create her yummy goodness. 

So far I feel like I've mastered this particular cookie as well as her Carmel Nut Brownies. I will learn how to make her potato salad, even if it kills me. 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. It's a cake mix recipe and takes
less than 5 minutes to whip up, one of the things I love about it.
It means I can quickly get them to the oven and start on the frosting. 
These are pretty darn yummy!

I would like to take this moment and Thank the Academy... Oops! There I go again, pretending to be someone famous. What I meant to say is- I'd like to take this moment and Thank the Kitchen Aid, without her (Yes, HER) I don't know how I would possibly be sitting here one day away from achieving this weeks cookie project. Oh, and I guess I should mention my fabulous husband for his patience and errand running, and last but not least my oven, he's been great too. (Yes, HE)
**I've had this kitchen aid for over 10 years. Talk about Stamina. :)

Helping to make it a little "MO-FAB"

     I've decided that I love General Conference weekend... Not that I didn't before, I just feel like I anticipate and need it more now than I can ever remember. Obviously I have much to improve on, and it always seems like everything is geared and addressed specifically to benefit me.
     One thing I also enjoy is knowing my Mother is sitting right behind our wonderful and inspiring leaders who guide and direct this church and I can't help but think to myself how amazing it must feel to be in their presence. I also love it when the choir sings and the camera pans across and I can see her beautiful face and point her out to the kids. Thank Heavens for the pause button so everyone gets the chance to see her on the big screen. Trust me, we've had tears before... When we have kids yelling out, "there's Grandma!" and someone else can't quite find her.
     I am also grateful for the personal experiences that I've had because of her choir calling... 
Just last week she asked if I wouldn't mind helping her in the choir office to makeover their awards display.
I guess the choir presidency though it needed a little something more and naturally those tasks always end up in the talented hands of my mom. 
     I don't get to help out as much as I'd like due to the distance and work schedule that is sometimes hindering, but it just so happened that we found a day that worked out perfectly 
and I was able to help her after all.    
 This was the previous set up...
This is the current...

I have to show you the Spring arrangement she did for their office... 
 I thought it turned out darling!
It was very neat be able to actually hold, clean and arrange all of the awards that the choir has been presented with over the years and I certainly hope we helped in giving them the justice that they deserve. 

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