Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Days

Where do our summer's go? They seem to come to an end a little bit faster each year.
The boys started school on Monday and all seemed pretty eager to get back to school work and socializing, although the school work enthusiasm seems to fade quickly.
Pros- They are back to a structured schedule, Cons- They're another year older and all except Caleb picked out a pair of white shoes (I give them a week before they look battered).

Devin started the 8th grade in a new school. He has a good group of friends and is currently taking the fall off from all sporting activities (which is fine by me). Don't let the frown fool you. He really is happy, just getting to the age where he doesn't feel I need to take a picture at every mile stone in his life.

Tyler started the 6th grade also in a new school (first experience with multiple class changes).
He starts his soccer season this Saturday and is excited that Dad gets to be his coach.

Brayden also started the 6th grade. New school, multiple classes, none of which Tyler are in.
He also starts soccer with his twin brother and is also excited Dad will be coaching. One thing he told them he would do once he was done with the majority of his traveling.

Caleb started the 2nd grade. Same school. He seems to like his teacher so far and also loves the socializing part of school (even though he claims to never have friends but waves hi to every Tom, Dick, and Harriette whenever we are in public). He too is starting soccer on Saturday and Dad will be his coach as well (I thought I had my husband back home).

They are fun kids and have always done well in school. Hopefully that enthusiasm will continue this year.

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