Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Little Ambition

It's amazing sometimes how the simplest gesture can trigger a whole lot of ambition. 
Take me for example... I've never considered myself to be a "good" cook. I mean, I'm "OK", but I would never categorize myself with my Mom, Dad, (yes I said Dad, he is an excellent cook) any one of  my aunts and of course neither one of my Grandmas.  Somehow a link in this chain passed right over me.
I always tell myself I'm going to do better. Do I get credit for telling myself?
A simple gesture = A birthday gift from my favorite little sister.
Triggering ambition = A cute flirty apron and a new cookbook.
Stuffed Mushrooms
 Italian Chicken and Vegetable Skewers

A mediocre Italian meal at best, but I'm still proud of myself. :)
(one day I'll add the pretty little garnishments to make my plate more attractive)
Due to time and mean$ I have decided I'll be able to put my new apron and cookbook to good use at least once a week. Well, let's be honest... I'll probably use the apron a lot more than that. 
Thanks for inspiring me Rach. :) 

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