Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where did the time go?

It seems a little out of character for me to let this much time go by and not post, but I guess if you read the previous post then you have some type of understanding as to why.
I started work last Saturday, hard to go back but as most of you working folk know...
you're only allowed so much time off.
It seems like just last week I was driving through the mountains in a snow storm to deliver my little peanut and as I made my 20 minute drive down to work last Saturday I couldn't help from getting a little teary eyed and feeling a bit guilty. Teary due to this in-stoppable thing called time and guilty,
well... doesn't every mother feel guilty for leaving their kids when heading off to work.

So as I only continue to get worse at... cleaning, cooking, sleeping, posting and oh yes... staying positive- know for certain I will be logging in to read about your ups and downs along with your special events and exciting news.
Keep on Posting.
Love them All.

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