Thursday, August 1, 2013


March 2012
Our Tweedle's turn Fifteen!!
This year they also got their braces! Fun times.
Twins work out perfectly for two little girls that like to 
help unwrap the gifts. 
These two sure make life exciting!
No really. Trust me.
It has been fun for me to watch them grow up.
(except for the time they decided to take all the neighbors mail
out of their mail boxes, that time was not so much fun.) :)
I love you Tyler and Brayden. 


A New Year. A Fresh Start. 
At least for a day or so....
January/ February = Basketball
Lots of games.
 Tyler and Brayden.

Dads that coach.
(can't you see Richard's arm? well?)
Dads that coach the All Star team.
Lila Prepping for Valentine's Day.
In February we also took a little visit to the Living Planet Aquarium...
Of course the kids were thoroughly entertained.
So were the adults.
Followed by lunch at Red Lobster??
(does this even seem ethical?)
I think Ethan ordering his food was one of my most favorite memories of the day.
It was like sitting next to a sophisticate.

I don't remember making any New Year resolutions. It was probably for the best. :)


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