Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Our Easter Weekend

Lila in her new Easter Dress.

I think she was almost as excited as her mommy.

Hip Hip Hooray, We found the lost Blessing shoe and
turned them into a great pair of Easter shoes :)

-Bunny Surprises-

Dresses and pants and shoes....oh my!

New Racquet's for the boys.

The Easter Bunny came while we were at church.
He thought we should first Celebrate the true meaning of Easter.
Smart Rabbit!

Lila and her Daddy.

We then made the trek out to
good ole' Grantsville for Easter Eats
and Birthday Treats.

The kids participating in the
Mouritsen Easter Egg Hunt.

I said kids Kevin.

Lila and Mom participate from the sidelines.

We also had a yummy lunch and
Celebrated Caleb and Uncle Brent's
Birthday. Brent is serving a mission
in England so we all wrote him a
little birthday note.

We then went to
Grandma and Grandpa Jefferies
for an excellent Dutch Oven Dinner,
Easter Egg Hunt
Birthday Festivities
Caleb, Alivia and

Here is Grandma instructing the grand-kids on
how to participate in the Egg hunt.

Here are the grand-kids pretending
to listen.

The parents getting involved.
(they know what's at stake)

The kids counting there eggs.
Once they found 15 they were finished.

The kids checking out their candy and Loot!
Yes, I said Loot.
I want to know how I can get in
on one of these Easter Egg Hunts.

Emily found the Jack Pot Egg, which contained
Correct me if I am wrong but it looks to me like Carol is
trying to persuade Emily into giving her the $20.00.
I think I overheard her saying she needed
some gas money or something.

Carol's face after Emily told her no.
(only teasing you Carol, if it hadn't been for you
and your Camera I would have no memories
of the Jefferies Easter festivities.)

Little David Enjoying dessert.

Livie enjoying the babies.

Birthday Wishes

and lots of great presents!

So to our Families and of course the
Easter Bunny we say
Thanks for a Great

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