Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Three Trees

A little late posting these. Hopefully now I can do a better job at this considering I've finally got some time to spend at home for the next little while.

Kids decorating their tree this year.

Fun to see all of the different ornaments they collect and my how they accumulate.

It's fun for them to have their own so mom doesn't micro-manage where they hang their ornaments.
Speaking of ornaments... I have a problem. I just can't seem to throw old ornaments away and I have a bad habit of purchasing new ornaments for the year.
This is the tree Rich and I purchased the first year we were married (8 years ago).
It looked a lot bigger in our cinder block apartment.

If it's up to me I will have it forever, for sentimental reasons.
A few years later, I purchased another tree to display the ornaments that I just couldn't fit on our old tree anymore.

This has become the family tree.

Ornaments are certainly not my only downfall. It takes me over a week just to decorate the house for the holiday season (over two when I'm pregnant).

New additions for 2008.

My old wooden Christmas Village I purchased with some Gift Certificates I had received for my birthday, Thanks Gals!

Richard's mom traditionally gives us an addition each year, this year being a wooden nativity scene. Thank You Kathy.
Needless to say we have finally "decked the halls" and are excited for this month. The last thing I need is one more stocking for our new addition.

Oh yes, and Callie (the Cat) is just as excited for she has found a new sleeping area.

Happy Holidays!

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