Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Facing Fear

Just a quick story about how I face my fears.
I had dropped Richard off the other day and was about a mile away from home when I felt something out of the ordinary. As I looked down I found myself staring at a rather large Wolf Spider that had perched itself upon my arm. Now I can understand maybe a small garden spider or even house spider but honestly, a Wolf Spider (large) in the confinement of my vehicle (small)
(This picture is not an exaggeration)
Those of you who know anything about me can imagine how I might have reacted.
In an attempt to flip the spider off of me I must have flung it in my hair because when I grabbed my hair and started shaking it, the spider found itself upon my arm once again. Luckily I was alone, in other words I would have scared the hell out of anyone who had to listen to the horrific screaming and stomping for that last mile, not to mention the curse words that were being directed towards the spider (that's the grandma Chleo coming out in me). I don't know how I made it home, in fact I don't remember much of anything other than the screaming, stomping, cursing and pulling into the garage where I mentally counted to 3 and then threw myself from the vehicle only to start the madness of screaming and stomping once again. Does this happen to anyone else? Has this happened to anyone else? or is this just my luck?
I would like to give props to my Brayden and Caleb for checking my clothing and hair once I made it into the house safely and to my husband who rescued my purse, jacket and keys once he arrived home. I send apologies to my unborn baby for the chaos and stress I must have put her through. Unfortunately the spider has yet to make another appearance and I have switched vehicles for the time being.

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