Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pin Pals

Lately, my Pin Pal and I have been dishing out some friendly banter to one another. You see, a few weeks ago, a conversation that started out: "I'm a much faster meat wrapper than you and aunt Rachel" ended up with my pin pal also stating: "I am a much better bowler than you are". Healthy conversing right?  Before parting ways with my Pin Pal I stated that I would like to see him "walk the walk", so we decided that the next time he was home, we would have a nice little friendly game of bowling to see who indeed was better. :) I also need to mention that later on that same week, my Pin Pal sent me a photo text with a bowling score of 181 along with what I thought to be some pretty comical threats. I will give my Pin Pal "props", that was a pretty good score.

Determined to give my Pin Pal a little scare, I practiced up with a few work friends. The first round I ended up at 124 (ok, but could be better), with my second round ending up with a 161. I then sent a picture of this to my Pin Pal so that he would know I meant business.

The week arrived that my Pin Pal was home and just like we had planned we drove up to our local "fake" bowling alley. I will explain the "fake" part momentarily...

Warm Up Match...
Pin Pal: 62
Mom: 88

The "Real" Deal...
Pin Pal: 37
Mom: 161

Needless to say, my Pin Pal was not one bit happy with me.

I got the luxury of hearing for the remainder of the evening... "This isn't even a real bowling alley", "This is so stupid, the lanes aren't even the width and length they are suppose to be", "I bowl the same way every time and never miss these shots".  Yes, this continued for the remainder of the night. He even got our other "Pin Pals" to agree with him about the condition of the bowling alley.

I know, I've raised these kids, but I won't take credit for their sportsmanship. You should have witnessed the crying and the swearing. I never do any of those things.

Determined that it was the bowling alleys fault, my Pin Pal wanted a re-match in another facility that met his "standards". Before my Pin Pal left for the week we met again for another round.

Warm Up Match:
Pin Pal: 106
Mom: 88
The "Real" Deal:
Pin Pal: 140

 Yes, I was schooled. We all have our bad days right?

This picture above accurately reflects the facial expression my Pin Pal had as we left the bowling alley that day. You should of heard him giggling! He kept saying: "I love it!, this just makes me so happy", "I can't wait to go tell your co-workers" and yadda, yadda, yadda. 
I was just happy I didn't have to listen to my Pin Pal complain and ramble on with excuses as to why he lost.
My Pin Pal could now return to his Grantsville home feeling happy, and me? well, I just felt at peace. :) Why, you ask? You see I totaled up the scores to both bowling matches and it resulted in....

Pin Pal: 345
Mom: 403

Until next time Pin Pal....

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