Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Rach!

My sister makes my life easier to live,
She is someone I can share my likes and dislikes with,
I tell her my secrets and feelings
And ask she do the same,
Sometimes we are mischievous
And she will take the blame.
She knows those things I dream of,
Places that I've been,
She accepts the person I've become,
She has become my very best friend.

You've been my sister for 27 years,
We talk, we laugh and shed some tears.
At times there may have been name calling,
Some pushing and some pulled hair
But through these little trials
We turned out quite a pair.
Time and distance may separate us,
But no matter where we roam,
whenever I am with you,
it's just like being home.
Happy Birthday Rach!
I love You
(and I know you love me too) :)

Thanks for being a Great Sis!

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