Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's your Sign of the Times?

I had just opened a Creme Soda when I was asked by Caleb if I would slice him an apple. I sliced the apple and thought to myself how good a Creme Soda sounded. I then went to the fridge got out a Creme Soda, opened it, sip, sip and then sat it down right next to the one I had just opened. Do you think this is related to why I put the dirty Teaspoon in the cupboard and the full box of baking soda in the sink the other day? Are these happenings a sign of my time?

Over the River and through the Woods because We LOVE them So!

Lila and I got to visit Auntie's house last week for her Birthday. Rachel already blogged about this and I hate to do repeats but I wanted to post my pictures. One day we'll live closer to one another but for now I figure it's money for a therapist or spend a little on gas :) and I think a therapist would cost more.

Emma J. and I

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