Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Catch

We attended our Soelberg Family reunion last week. One of the scheduled activities was an afternoon at a fishing hole near The Homestead (located in Midway). We aren't big fisherman so I had to do a little shopping before hand to purchase some poles, bait and a fishing license for the older boys.  On my shopping trip, I found a couple of cute cheap poles for the little girls Lila and Emma and was excited to accompany them on their first fishing excursion.  
When arriving at the fishing pond, I had to rely on the gracious help of my big brother Ryan to get our poles ready. Remember, I am inexperienced, but I did watch and learn and with his help we had everyone fishing and happy in no time (ok, it took a while). I somehow managed to break the "princess pole" but with Lila and her unwillingness to be patient, (what? a 2 year old impatient) kept waving the pole around and dipping it into the water so it was really more of a blessing there was nothing on the end of that pole, meaning fishing line and hook. 
While Dad and boys were off doing their fishing thing, I was hanging out with the girls and casting while they took turns with the non-working and working poles. I was also trying to keep them from sitting in the duck poop. Let's just say I failed at this miserably.  Emma seemed to do a little better with the pole that I was able to hook and bait so I let her keep that pole while Lila sat beside her.  Both were as happy as could be.
Emma would frequently reel in her line which she seemed to get very good at, so I would get up and cast again for her (I actually quite enjoyed this). 
On one occasion I could see that she was getting a little restless so I asked for the pole so I could cast it again for her. As I reeled the line in, I soon realized that this restlessness just so happened to be a fish on the end of her pole. 
I was so excited for these girls because they had been asking to "see the fish" and I really didn't think that they even had a chance at catching one. 
As you can tell by the photos, Lila was overjoyed but wouldn't touch the fish, while Emma just stared straight ahead with a distraught look on her face.
I assured her it was a good thing and we did release the fish so I hope she is not too traumatized. :)
I love these girls. They are hilarious together!

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