Monday, August 19, 2013

Round the May Pole

These posts are a little out of order as my Shareholders trip was held at the end of May.

 May is always eventful due to Mothers Day, our Wedding Anniversary, Birthdays and the School year winding down.

This May 10th, the Mr. and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary. I can't say enough good about him. Sure we have our differences, but isn't that normal. :) I love him with all of my heart. He is a good person and extremely handsome. I am truly lucky!
Devin celebrated his 17th and now embarks upon his final year as a minor. :)
Devin has always had a good head on his shoulders. I am proud of him for the responsibilities he takes on and excited to see the person he'll become.
He doesn't usually look at his gifts this longingly, but I guess I can't blame him.
 While I was at Shareholders, Caleb was able to participate in his Elementary Graduation. 
His Dad took a few photos and sent a few texts which helped take 
some of the sting out of not being there.
 This kid is a smarty pants and the last of four boys to graduate and move on to the next phase. I think he's pretty happy that he longer has to classify himself as an "elementary" student. 
He is SUPER excited for intermediate. 
As the month closes, I returned from my work trip (if I can call it that) to an excited face  
and some warmer weather. 
I love this picture of Lila and her cousin Carter playing at Grandmas, enjoying the sun. 
Bring on the Summer Season.

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