Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Shareholder

....and with the blink of an eye, May is here. 
(did April just happen?)

I was selected to participate in the Walmart Shareholders event.
This is my 11th year working for the company and something I've wanted to participate in since about year 5. 

I have to say... I would wait all over again. 

50th Year Share Holders Celebration
 Employees from all over the world.
 (Thousands of them mind you)
(I was in the middle of this line. There were numerous people in front of me and even more so behind me.)
Carrie Underwood.
I love her. 
(not to mention stunning) :)
Meetings, meetings and more meetings.
 I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I was able to hear an executive talk about the fundamentals and history of this company. It's obvious that the media can paint a pretty nasty picture at many inaccuracies that it can be maddening. It was nice to be at the other end of the spectrum for the week.

Vendor Fair
(a look at new and upcoming items)
The Utahan's
(a few of us anyway)
 I guess the wiener mobile can really bring out the worst in people. 
Don't ask why we felt the need to show a little leg. :)
  More Entertainment...
Steven Tyler.
(not quite so stunning)
Home Office
Interesting and nothing like I expected. 
A lot of little rooms. A lot of small cubicles. Very clean, but nothing spectacular. \
(I would even dare say that my working quarters are much more personable)
 Many of our meetings are broadcast from the home office. Each week we receive a broadcast listing for different departments and/or managers in the store. This way they can give everyone the same information and hold Q and A sessions. 
There are a few different rooms to accommodate this...  
 and again, not very large in size.
 Five and Dime
My most favorite part of the experience. 
What a quaint little taste of Arkansas. 
This reminded me of a scene in a movie. 
(an old movie)
I wish I could have taken the "big picture". 
A complete square of buildings all similar to the ones below.
A bench park in the middle with many flowers and a cement statue right in the center.
What was once a bustling retail store is now strictly a museum filled with history of those people and things that were able to build such a big corporation. 
More Vendor Fair...
 It's quite apparent that I am not used to the humid climate of Arkansas. 
  ....and if you were American, you were pretty much a celebrity. :)
The Big Meeting
Educational and Entertaining
Mike Duke - CEO
Justin Timberlake - Host
Taylor Swift, Lionel Ritchie and the Zac Brown Band.
(just to name a few)
Celine Dion!
(um, yes please)
I took a few hundred pictures and had such a great experience. 
Overall I have had a good experience working for such a large corporation. I've never been made to feel like my well-being, family etc... need be jeopardized due to the up and down demands of the retail field. I realize that not everyone feels this way, and my loyalties are still strong to the retail life that I was raised in. I firmly believe that I have surrounded myself with good, hard working people over the past 11 years. Stores definitely have a "feel" to them and  I have known some that focus primarily on the negative which is why I feel that some employees/ stores struggle more than others. It can be difficult, stressful and crazy at times, but I am happy. 

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